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The demand for senior living communities and facilities is on the rise as the senior sector is expanding. Senior living can take on a variety of forms. It can range from four-story apartment buildings to retirement communities with duplexes, town houses or condos, to assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

ELITE Construction is versatile in our ability to build any of the above facilities, completing projects efficiently, on schedule and within budgets. Many of these types of accommodations have top-of-the-line features. As a General Contractor, we provide safety features along with a wide variety of amenities for senior residents’ enjoyment and leisure. By putting a premium on the best care and comfort available, we align our quality, specialized construction services and expertise with investor and developers’ goals and plans.We work with senior living investors, and developers providing them with single point of contact to see the project through all the stages of construction—
pre-construction and design/build through completion.

Benefits of a Senior Living Construction/Remodeling Project

Increased Value to Raise Rates or Selling Prices

Renovating an assisted living facility or nursing home increases value, which allows owners to raise rates for residents or patients. When putting up condos, duplexes or town houses for sale, the same is true.

Appealing to Seniors Who Can Afford a Higher Standard of Living

Just as upscale communities and facilities attract more highly qualified workers, they also appeal to a wealthier demographic of seniors who can afford to live there.

Increased Occupancy

Owners and property managers have the goal of maintaining high occupancy in nursing home or assisted living facility. Occupancy is often proportionate to remodeling, expanding the number of living spaces and adding more safety features and amenities. The more appealing the facility is for seniors, the higher the occupancy rates will be.

Reduction of Utilities and Other Operating Costs

Our sustainable building practices result in lower utility costs, more efficient HVAC systems and environmentally friendly approaches that lower operating costs.

Attracting Higher Quality Staff for Nursing Homes / Assisted Living Facilities

The more upscale your facility is, the more likely you are to attract highly qualified workforce.

Lowering Cap Rates

As an investor, you can recover your investment in less time by lowering the cap rate with our high quality construction.

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