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A Hotel Renovator Can Improve Appearance and Value

Hotel renovation is pivotal for an attractive appearance, and appearance is the hallmark of the hospitality industry. To be competitive in the marketplace, hotels offer guests accommodations that are elegant and relaxing; they offer premium amenities, such as hot tubs, rooftop bars and outdoor eating areas. Hotel construction and renovation are fundamental for creating appearance and amenities that ensure you stand out.

As premier hotel general contractor, ELITE Construction looks forward to partnering with you and providing hospitality solutions tailored to meet your needs. From exterior face renovations to interior Property Improvement Plans (PIPs), a hotel renovator assists you throughout your project. We help you envision your ideal venue, beginning with the design/build phase, then streamlining the construction process to bring your project to fruition within budget and on schedule.

Investing in renovation and construction offers benefits for hotels in a variety of ways.

Benefits of Working with ELITE Construction

Increasing Occupancy

A hotel’s value relates proportionately to the ability to increase occupancy. Owners and property managers in the hospitality industry increase occupancies by upgrading their amenities and guest rooms. Top-of-the-line renovations can take your hotel to the next level, ensuring high occupancy rates.

Appealing to a Higher Quality Demographic

As the appeal and value of your accommodations and amenities increases, you will naturally appeal to a higher quality demographic of guests who can afford your rates.

Increasing Your Potential to Raise Rates

Renovating a hotel room to make it more luxurious and elegant lays the ground work for increasing rates. The same holds true for adding and enhancing amenities such as in-room offices for business guests, pool areas, hot tubs, roof top bars, fitness and recreation areas, and dining areas.

Reducing Operating Costs

At ELITE Construction, we incorporate sustainable materials and environmentally friendly building methods that lower utility costs. By providing more efficient HVAC and other systems you can reduce operating costs.

Attracting Higher Quality Employees

By using renovation and construction to enhance the property value, it follows that you will create a more sought after work environment. As a greater number of employees apply for positions, you can be more selective about hiring higher quality employees.

Increasing Property Value

We engage in high quality construction, using the latest building methods, which can lower cap rates. By lowering cap rates, property value increases. This improves the ROI, which benefits hotel owners.

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