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Established office renovation contractors like ELITE Construction can provide you with cost-effective and well-designed office construction. Whether your focus is office remodeling or expanding your existing office space, doing an 80,000 square foot build-out or constructing a new office building, we can assist you every step of the way.

Office Remodeling / Expanding Office Spaces

If you are looking to create an inspirational working environment for your employees, we can help you build your dream space through office renovation.

Increasing Business Profitability

Reducing Tenant Turnover Rates

Creating an aesthetic, functional and inspiring work environment is an important factor in attracting and retaining employees. The lower the employee turnover rate, the less you have to invest time and resources on training new employees. In turn, as employees gain experience and become a stable part of your workforce, the easier it becomes to accomplish your business goals and increase your bottom line.

Increasing Your Competitive Stance as a Company

Today’s business world is competitive. An attractive work space is a factor that makes your company more desirable and helps you compete with other companies in your industry. The majority of thriving businesses in today’s world have attractive work spaces.

Attracting Higher Quality Employees

Every business owner strives to hire talented employees who can increase the value of the company. Higher quality employees are more productive, get results and can assist the company in reaching its goals.

New Office Construction

If a client’s office construction goal is to develop a real estate property or invest in an office building, we gear our services to meet their needs and help them accomplish their goals. There are various ways in which we provide our clients with advantages, including:

  • High quality rental spaces.You will attract companies that can afford competitive rental rates and become a long-term tenants.
  • Reduction of construction costs. We can help you reduce costs by using sustainable materials and environmentally friendly building methods that lower electric and water expenses. We also use energy efficient HVAC systems and avoid toxic building materials.
  • Increased tax benefits through cost segregation. Developers and investors can take advantage of cost segregation to reduce state and federal income tax payments.
  • Lower cap rates. Our high quality construction incorporates top-of-the-line building methods that increase property value. This in turn can lower cap rates, making your investment more profitable.

Increase Tax Benefits/Cost Segregation

Federal and state tax laws allow cost segregation, which is a tax planning tool that speeds up the depreciation of real estate properties. Investors can take advantage of this deduction to reduce yearly state and federal income tax payments. In general, it reduces the expenses of owning real estate.

Lower cap rate

Essentially, cap rates or capitalization rates indicate the rate of a property’s ROI. The amount of time to recover an initial investment is vital for property owners. The lower the cap rate, the greater value a property has. It also indicates a lower risk involved with the investment. High quality construction that employs state-of-the-art building methods can lower the cap rates and be a valuable benefit. At ELITE Construction when taking on a project, we consider and incorporate factors that can lower the client’s cap rate.

Upgrade of Apartment Class with Modernization and Renovation

When Commercial Real Estate investors rate apartments into classes A, B, C or D, they take into consideration various factors. By upgrading your apartment class, you can obtain a top rating. This alone helps you raise rental income and increase your occupancies. Some of the main improvements that differentiate classes are the number of amenities, newer fixtures and appliances, and fewer maintenance issues. At ELITE Construction we work with clients to help them achieve their construction improvement goals.

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